No makeup project – second shoot
February 27, 2017 by GordonM in people, portrait, project 0 Comments

Time to continue with my photo project which is taking photos of female models and other women with no makeup.  I was really pleased with how the first shoot came out with the lovely Paige Dakin and the other day I was looking forward to round 2, this time with a very experienced model Simone Stokes.  Simone has done lots of creative work before but never had the chance before to strip it right back to no makeup on a model shoot.   So she was keen to do this as well as myself. So whilst I explained a little on my first blog post about why I was doing this project, I thought I might expand with more reasons why this project feels important to me.  I don’t know if you can remember the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty some time ago, well I recalled the aim of that and in my mind I thought that as photographers we should also have a responsibility to be more inclusive and encourage equality and diversity in the fashion/modelling world.   This sits nicely alongside current trends for fashion houses and magazines encouraging curves in fashion models nowadays and we should not be […]

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