Sophie Dawn
June 27, 2013 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

After a couple of months of planning, obtaining the props and getting the styling right, it was great to finally shoot with Sophie Dawn and Di Dakin providing the makeup.  We were supposed to be shooting back in May but the day we set aside was a snowy day with a good 4 inches or so of snow laid down.  Were we supposed to be in springtime or the depths of winter? It was now towards the end of June and I was hoping for sunshine and warmth so we could spend more time outside.  Instead we had cold winds and rain showers so we stopped inside the studio for much of the time.  But we were determined to shoot outside in the woods for the native American headdress shots.  So I hope you like a few of the photos we worked on during the day.  

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Amber Tutton – Marketplace
May 21, 2013 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

We had Amber up again for one of her studio days and I took the chance to shoot with her for an hour at the end of the day.  Perfect time really as I wanted to get the light behind her to rimlight her hair.  With a bit of toning applied in Lightroom during editing, a nice set of photos resulted. AND it was my first real test of my Panasonic Lumix GH3 that I’ve got along with the Olympus Zuiko 45mm f1.8 as the lens.  I’m really pleased with that camera and I feel it was quite liberating using the smaller camera rather than my usual DSLR kit.  

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Amber Tutton shoot in Grantham

A gorgeous day in Grantham, a perfect opportunity to get Amber Tutton up for the day and for Diane Dakin to work her makeup magic.   I’ll let the pics do the talking, but hopefully it’ll not be too long before I’m working with them both again.

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Fashion “gypsy shoot” with Emma Kate Dawson
August 26, 2011 by GordonM in Blog, fashion, people, Portfolio, portrait 0 Comments

Had a shoot outside with Emma yesterday to try and get some natural fashion shots that showed a new direction she was wanting to try in her modelling. Diane Dakin was the makeup artist and “reflector holder” for the day, but admittedly there wasn’t much sun about at all. Sometimes the sun out is good, sometimes it’s bad. Whichever it is, we had to just cope with a grey overcast, but bright, day. Hope you like some of the pics.

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