With me … or not?
January 16, 2014 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

The Christmas holiday I find is always a good time to take stock on what has happened during the year and also start to plan the coming year in terms of what the priorities will be and what work I will be pushing towards. Over the past months I’ve certainly been working towards doing more fashion and commercial, but also moving into product photography.   Some avenues of photography that I’ve previously been in appear to be becoming almost what feels like a closed shop as a number of  photographers flood the market with cheap work and in so doing devalue the work of others and what the magazines are prepared to pay. So by exploring new markets, not only will it help channel my creativity in a different way, it may well open up new work if I build up the relevant skills and also make the right contacts with magazines and companies. I think also that sometimes we do work and/or styles because that is what people always expect us to do.  This year is going to be different, it’s going to be a year of what I want to do ….. so you’re either with me or you’re not.  And if […]

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Looking for Inspiration
January 10, 2013 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

The more I look, the more I certainly find what I like. I’ve always loved looking through the work of photographers whose work I particularly admire. Photographers (in no particular order) such as Lara Jade, Melissa Rodwell, Perou, Sarah Monrose, Ryan Handy, Jay Mawson, Chris Yates and Andy LeSauvage. I’ve also pinned some of their photos and others on one of my Pinterest boards. Take time to have a look at their work. Be inspired.

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