’60s Project
March 21, 2018 by GordonM in Blog, fashion, Portfolio 0 Comments

The ’60s is a fascinating era for initiating a change in fashion photography.  So to me that is a great reason to start a new photography project, trying to embrace many of the hallmark looks from the time. For me starting any project involves lots of research and my research mostly started in the autumn of last year.  A good start was looking at the icons of that time ….. David Bailey, Jean Shrimpton, Brian Duffy, Twiggy …… to just name a few.  Then of course there were the locations, more often than not around Carnaby Street in London, although of course David Bailey took Jean Shrimpton to Manhattan, New York to deliver a photoshoot that kicked Vogue magazine into a more modern publication that needed to echo the younger, more liberated, generation of the time.   If you are interested, you must see the film We’ll Take Manhattan that tells (whilst probably embellishing) this story.   If you haven’t time to watch the video then you can check out the photos from that trip in this Guardian article. So watching that Manhattan film and also looking at a number of youtube videos on documentaries about Twiggy, other photographers and fashion from […]

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Something a little bit different
January 23, 2018 by GordonM in gear, people, portrait 0 Comments

Sometimes for the sake of creativity, perhaps even sanity, I have to do a different style of model photography.  Not that there’s anything wrong with what I was currently doing as far as I was concerned, but doing something different challenges you and causes you to research styles and techniques and therefore learn something new.  And this was how it was for this particular occasion. I haven’t shot glamour for a long time and when I did, it was a Page 3 style of glamour with both well-known and aspiring Page 3 and Lads Mags models.  I was never one for what I call a crass style of glamour photography, which although isn’t classed as porn, in my opinion it really doesn’t show off female models in the best light as I think it can sometimes look quite degrading.  But that as I say is my personal opinion.   However, it seems to be popular with amateur and some professional photographers and even aspiring models, but in reality when you look at the glamour marketplace, it’s a style that I consider to be really old-fashioned. Nowadays, glamour is much more natural occurring rather than traditionally posed shots and for that reason […]

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Majorca Trip October 2015
November 1, 2015 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

I went on a trip with an agency to Majorca and whilst there we were shooting a number of different models.  I was working with my Fuji X-T1 and 50-140mm lens and found it to be terrific for fashion style photographs.  I particularly liked the quick and accurate focussing along with the lens compression of shooting at 200mm (35mm equivalent).  Certainly this lens is turning out to be one of my favourites.  

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Shooting Amber Tutton with the X-E1
July 8, 2013 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

When you’ve got great models to work with, the ideas start to flow both before the day and during.  Amber is one of those models where I definitely get “in the zone” and experiment to produce something that I think would benefit my portfolio.  The day was a little different to the norm though as I make the transition from DSLR to a mirrorless camera setup.  Here was my first model shoot with the Fuji X-E1 and it’s APS-C sensor. I have the Lumix GH3 camera, a micro 4/3rds sensor and fantastic camera for stills and particularly for video (which is why I got it in the first place).  Presently I have the Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens and the Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens, both great lenses and so compact in size.  My next logical purchase was to get the 12-35mm f2.8 Lumix, but priced at £899 needed careful consideration before taking the leap.    But here’s the rub that made me consider an alternative solution. I was finding the Lumix a little noisy for some of the natural light stills work that I do in the studio.  When I say noisy, I mean probably from about 800 ISO upwards and […]

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