Tempted to splash the cash on new camera gear ?
September 15, 2014 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

Well, plenty of excitement for Nikon, Canon and Fuji photographers this week with their new camera releases. All very tempting whether it’s the Nikon D750, the Canon 7D Mark II or the Fuji X-T1 in graphite silver. Consider though, will your photos actually be any better once you’ve satisfied your GAS tendencies? Probably not. So if you’ve the urge to splash some cash, then go somewhere on a trip either at home or abroad and take photos like you’ve never taken before. Or book a great model or perhaps go do some workshops. All are very much more likely to improve your photography. And your pocket will thank you for it. ? Note: GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome

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Hybrid …… what’s that?
January 11, 2014 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

HYBRID – COMBINE TWO OR MORE ELEMENTS TO PRODUCE A BETTER SOLUTION We’re entering a new era in photography and video. For high quality results there have been SLRs but now there are Mirrorless cameras that produce great quality and in a much smaller and portable package. And whilst it’s nothing new, there appears to be a surge of enthusiasm for taking natural ambient light photos for professional work as well as the studio flash setups. So you can perhaps see that the potential to get the ultimate quality, often requires a mix or blend of using the best-suited tools and resources for the job in hand. Here at our studio in Grantham in the UK, we mix the best tools for producing great photo and video results using the latest Nikon DSLRs, Fuji mirrorless camera and the professional’s choice of video camera in a compact form, the Panasonic Lumic GH3. AND not only that, our studio mixes the conventional studio flash and background setup with some rooms that have fantastic natural light. So we’ve got it all. A world that continually changes though needs continual updates on how to get the best from everything. We pride ourselves on doing […]

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Experimenting with Flourescent lights
September 11, 2013 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

I’d love to be able to afford some KinoFlo flourescent lights, but at going on £1000 per unit that really is not going to be an option. So I decided to make my own with 2 x twin 5ft fittings per side of the model (or subject). Need to make a couple more for the background yet so that I can turn that white if necessary, but anyway experimented with a couple of portraits of Rachel and Amy. Not perfect yet, but see what you think.

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Shooting Amber Tutton with the X-E1
July 8, 2013 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

When you’ve got great models to work with, the ideas start to flow both before the day and during.  Amber is one of those models where I definitely get “in the zone” and experiment to produce something that I think would benefit my portfolio.  The day was a little different to the norm though as I make the transition from DSLR to a mirrorless camera setup.  Here was my first model shoot with the Fuji X-E1 and it’s APS-C sensor. I have the Lumix GH3 camera, a micro 4/3rds sensor and fantastic camera for stills and particularly for video (which is why I got it in the first place).  Presently I have the Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens and the Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens, both great lenses and so compact in size.  My next logical purchase was to get the 12-35mm f2.8 Lumix, but priced at £899 needed careful consideration before taking the leap.    But here’s the rub that made me consider an alternative solution. I was finding the Lumix a little noisy for some of the natural light stills work that I do in the studio.  When I say noisy, I mean probably from about 800 ISO upwards and […]

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Using the Nikon D600 for video
June 26, 2013 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

We went out recently with model Emma Kate Dawson to record a small video for her singing website. We were using the Nikon D600 and Nikon 24-70 f2.8 lens in manual focus. Post production in Adobe Premiere Pro was used and we mixed in some clips to modify the grading to produce an old retro home cine-camera look.

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Amber Tutton – Marketplace
May 21, 2013 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

We had Amber up again for one of her studio days and I took the chance to shoot with her for an hour at the end of the day.  Perfect time really as I wanted to get the light behind her to rimlight her hair.  With a bit of toning applied in Lightroom during editing, a nice set of photos resulted. AND it was my first real test of my Panasonic Lumix GH3 that I’ve got along with the Olympus Zuiko 45mm f1.8 as the lens.  I’m really pleased with that camera and I feel it was quite liberating using the smaller camera rather than my usual DSLR kit.  

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