Shoot with KatieMack

Shoot with KatieMack

A photographer friend had been shooting with a new model on the scene and he recommended that we shoot with one another to get another style of work in her portfolio and mine. I thought that Katie, who is Miss Doncaster 2018, had a great look that would suit some lifestyle/fashion photos.

So I set about trying to think of a location that was easy for us, that turned out to be the main street in Bawtry. There was a nice little arcade and the main street was very colourful with shops, hotels and cafes, all adorned with various hanging baskets and tubs with flowers in full bloom.

I was shooting with the Nikon D500 DSLR, the nifty-fifty 50mm f1.8 AFS and the 85mm f1.8 AFS lenses. All together a nice, compact, fast combination of camera and lenses so we could move around town swiftly. I parked up my campervan in the car park on the main street, right outside a dress shop … the significance of that I’ll tell you about later. The camper made for an ideal changing room for Katie.

So we did the arcade first, some brisk walking shots didn’t phase the D500 at all in Continuous AF. Then we went onto the high street and shot some photos there. Katie wanted a few photos with her Miss Doncaster sash on so went and got changed in the campervan. When she was changed and popped out we started shooting again, at which point the owner of the dress shop came out and asked if we wanted to use a few of her dresses. Of course we couldn’t refuse, so had a good chat with her, shot a couple of dresses and we all ended up with some nice photos.

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