No makeup project with Georgia Annable

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No makeup project with Georgia Annable

It was a nice sunny day, although a little chilly, when I turned up for a shoot with actress and model Georgia Annable after she had been in touch and wanted to be part of my no-makeup project.  I have worked with Georgia before on her family’s farm smallholding and there were some nice buildings that would give us cover if it were to rain, or as was the case on this day, to provide some cover overhead to block out the strong and contrasty light from the sun.

Good lighting plays an important part in this project as too much contrasty light, from the side particularly, will show up any flaws on the skin.  Georgia had great skin but as I’ve said to all the models in this project, I’m not out to embarrass any of them and that I would always strive to get nice lighting that complements the natural beauty we are trying to achieve.    With this in mind and armed with a Fuji X-T2 with 56mm f1.2 attached set to a wide aperture in aperture priority, I positioned Georgia just under the canopy of a small lean-to used for storing a tractor and some straw bales.    Far enough under the canopy to get us out of the strong sunlight, but not too far back so that the camera didn’t have to bump up the Auto ISO too much.  Then turning her to one side very slightly gave some shadow and shape to the lovely light that was coming through.

Then to get a different look Georgia popped outside into the light with her back facing the sun to give some very nice rimlighting through her hair, this gave much more of a commercial feel to the shots.  Again I used aperture priority but used the exposure compensation to dial in about +1.5 to get sufficient exposure on the face which would blow out the background and some of the hair.



As you can see from the last set I used slightly different black and white toning in Adobe Lightroom just to give a different look.  I liked both tones so variety is good 🙂

When I’d sent some photos through to Georgia she posted one of them on her Instagram.  For me, and particularly on this project, it is always nice to read her thoughts on the shoot and the feedback she received.

Believe that every day is not made for makeup. Unique features should ever only be enhanced of what you have, never to be hidden of what makes you, you. Working in the this industry, I even tentatively rely on cosmetics to transform my face to what the society thinks they should see of me and sometimes, without realising I sway towards thinking I should have to please them by changing those qualities. Having spent time away from social media, the industry, and civilisation with my wonderful non existent wifi out in the countryside. This who I am that not everyone sees. Hence why I took it upon myself to involved with @gmpix ‘s project of bring out the beauty of our work without having to rely on makeup. And encourage other models, women to do it also as the feeling is quite liberating in the result of exposing part of yourself. They make great little headshots too! Thanks G! #makeup #model #nomakeup #natural #light #face #babyface #eyes #hair #wild #countrygirl #actor #headshot #travel #uk #work #preach #expression ##mondaymotivation

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