Lightroom for Photographers

When you’ve got hundreds of photos taken whether it’s a wedding, a studio shoot or just from a weekend away, then you probably need to speedily produce quality, consistent and terrific photos ready for publication or printing. Adobe Lightroom is the perfect tool to quickly process your batch of photos to a terrific standard and perhaps using the different styling options available.  Not only that but will produce them in a format that is easily distributed to your clients, models and magazines with the use of contact sheets and web galleries.

Adobe Lightroom is an absolute must for the photographer, come and get tips and save hours, even days, of editing time.

Covered on the session will be:

  • Management of your photos
  • Producing consistent results across a set of photos using adjustments including gradients and the adjustment brush.
  • Rapid batch processing of photos
  • Creating and applying presets
  • Creating contact sheets and web galleries for clients to view


3 hours one-2-one, £85

4 hours, 4 delegates, £30 each


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