York Photoshoot with WikkyC

This was a follow-up meet-up and shoot with Wikky after our successful and very enjoyable trip to Mallorca.  Weather in York wasn’t quite Mediterranean, but nevertheless it was nice and bright and sunny.  A quick trip for each of us coming from different directions on the train, York worked out perfectly as a central location for both of us. The intention during the day was to not just take some portfolio photos but also to give Wikky a bit of photographic tuition as well as she wants to get behind the camera in the future.  Armed with her Canon camera and a couple of new lenses we were able to walk around the streets of York and down by the river.  So I took a few photos, which also I varied at the time with different apertures, focal lengths and shutter speeds so that she could see the effect each parameter would have and why you might choose one setting over another. Anyway, we had a good catchup, Wikky learnt a lot and I took some nice photos of her in a sort of lifestyle/fashion way.  Hope you like them.  

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Mallorca Oct 2019

I took Wikky on one of my regular villa trips to Mallorca and this trip was particularly nice because as well as being her first time abroad, it was her first photoshoot abroad too.  As per usual on these trips there was my photographer friend Les (Toxic Imaging) and also another model.   We all like to mix it up in so much as there’s as much holiday time as there is photoshoot time, so that the trip becomes a time to sightsee, to relax, to eat out but also discover and shoot in some great locations as well as around the villa and pool.  This trip was a little different though as we’d chosen to go up to the north-east of the island in the Pollenca and Alcudia region rather than our usual south-east Cala d’Or trip.  It definitely makes a change seeing somewhere new and there is the task of finding new locations to shoot … and eat …. as well.  But we managed to find some great places to shoot on the beaches, in the local towns and of course around our large villa grounds. My style of late has been to shoot more lifestyle type photos […]

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Cafe Lifestyle shoot with Amy Green
September 3, 2019 by GordonM in Blog, lifestyle, people, Portfolio 0 Comments

Amy is a terrific model and we’ve known each other for a number of years, although we hadn’t seen each other for a while, never mind to have a photoshoot together again.  So it was great to meet up to take some lifestyle photos in my favourite local cafe in town.  Amy knew the routine having worked with me in my style many times before and so we just got down to getting some nice, relaxed photos on what was quite a nice day although a little windy.   I tend to supply the tops/t-shirts that to me “say lifestyle” and what with me having my camper van close by, it’s a bonus to use it as a convenient place to have a quick change of look.  Needless to say, we got some great photos and had a nice coffee and a catchup too.

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Studio shoot with Melissa Alice

I’d worked with Melissa Alice before on my no-makeup project and I just loved her look. So when I had the opportunity to shoot at my friend’s new studio in Nottingham (Unit 17 Studio) I took the chance for Melissa and myself to get together again and just try out some simple setups in the studio. The studio has large windows at one end of the studio and this was the best place for me to do my lifestyle and portraits. So you can see the results below.

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Home Photoshoot with ElleB

I’d seen Elle’s portfolio before and thought it would be great to have a shoot with her, although her very polished fashion portfolio didn’t seem to include much in the way of the more casual lifestyle type work I might favour.  When a portfolio doesn’t show that then it’s often a case where I go looking on their social media profiles to see if they have further potential with great expressions, laughter, relaxation and just general fun really.  This gives me the clue that there would be a chance of getting some nice lifestyle photos.  And that was certainly the case for Elle, perfect to try out what turned out to be a new style for her. The weather although quite nice was just a little bit chilly outside and for what I had in mind, all I needed was some nice soft-ish light.  So as you can see from the photos below we spent a bit of time in her conservatory using the “tech” props that I’d brought along.   We set on with the task at hand and I was so pleased that Elle had the right attitude, look, expressions and lovely smile to make all the photos […]

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Photoshoot in Scarborough with WikkyC

I’d seen Wiktoria on Instagram and liked her look and thought she would suit some lifestyle/commercial photos I had in mind.  I found out that she lived in Scarborough, which for me was about a two hour drive.  I’d not been to Scarborough for a LONG time so thought it would be nice to go back there for a visit.  However, I didn’t know any suitable outside locations for a photoshoot and what with it being February in the UK, I had to cover my options in case the weather turned out bad. Anyway, as usual Google and Googlemaps comes to my aid, so I started to do a photo walkthrough on the map and came across some colourful beach huts on the North Bay.  Whilst not quite on the beach, there were on the promenade so I thought they would definitely be an option.  My style of photography is such that they would just be a bit of blurred colour and highlight in the background anyway as I got Wiktoria to smile, pose and generally have fun in a lifestyley sort of way.  There was also a nearby park that we could use for a second look for the […]

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