Mallorca Oct 2019

I took Wikky on one of my regular villa trips to Mallorca and this trip was particularly nice because as well as being her first time abroad, it was her first photoshoot abroad too.  As per usual on these trips there was my photographer friend Les (Toxic Imaging) and also another model.   We all like to mix it up in so much as there’s as much holiday time as there is photoshoot time, so that the trip becomes a time to sightsee, to relax, to eat out but also discover and shoot in some great locations as well as around the villa and pool.  This trip was a little different though as we’d chosen to go up to the north-east of the island in the Pollenca and Alcudia region rather than our usual south-east Cala d’Or trip.  It definitely makes a change seeing somewhere new and there is the task of finding new locations to shoot … and eat …. as well.  But we managed to find some great places to shoot on the beaches, in the local towns and of course around our large villa grounds. My style of late has been to shoot more lifestyle type photos […]

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Studio shoot with Melissa Alice

I’d worked with Melissa Alice before on my no-makeup project and I just loved her look. So when I had the opportunity to shoot at my friend’s new studio in Nottingham (Unit 17 Studio) I took the chance for Melissa and myself to get together again and just try out some simple setups in the studio. The studio has large windows at one end of the studio and this was the best place for me to do my lifestyle and portraits. So you can see the results below.

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Boudoir shoot with Katie (NSFW)
January 27, 2019 by GordonM in Blog, lighting, people, Portfolio, portrait 0 Comments

I like to mix things up a bit sometimes with my model photography styles. It’s important to experiment and try some new ideas or lighting or poses, always learning something that potentially could be used in another setting. And that’s how it was this time where I was doing a boudoir studio shoot with Katie. The idea was to light the scene minimally with as little ambient light as possible. So the window blinds were closed with just enough daylight peeping through to give nice straight line graphic detail in the final images. The main light was an Aputure LED light with softbox and grid attached and part of the grid was also obscured as well to really concentrate the light to give distinct darkness and shadows around the bed set. I was going to have the final images in black and white and so using the Fuji X-T2 and 23mm lens I switched the internal film simulation to Acros. Combine that with some Adobe Lightroom work and it gave just the look I was after. Check out some of the shots below.

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Mallorca Oct 2018 – Shooting with Saff

I go across to a villa in Mallorca twice a year and have done for the past 7 or 8 years. I have been either working out there for the model agency when shoot syndication and portfolio shoots were a way of making money in the glamour photography business, or more latterly just going on my own accord usually with a couple of models. This October I was pleased to be returning with Saffron Jaye Richardson. Lately I always try to make it a relaxed time when shooting in Mallorca, the emphasis is usually more on it being a holiday than actually working and this time it was even more chilled. I was familiar with the usual places I might shoot but the last time Saff was out here with me, I didn’t get to see some of the places I like to shoot. So here was a chance for us to shoot around the villa, get down onto some rocks/cliffs nearby, to a local fishing town harbour for some fashion shots, and also take a trip to what many consider to be THE sunset beach in Mallorca, Es Trenc. I took minimal camera gear with me on the Mallorca […]

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Playing with LEDs
September 15, 2018 by GordonM in Blog, lighting, people, Portfolio, portrait 0 Comments

Did a studio shoot with Katie Mackinnon recently and was using the chance to experiment with an Apurture HR672W LED panel as my main light and some LED strips in the background. Using the LED as my main light instead of using flash makes it a little easier to expose the front of the subject correctly whilst still keeping the LEDs visible in the background. It was also handy using a Sony A7iii mirrorless camera with it’s live preview facility so you have WYSIWYG capability before you actually take see the shot. So quite a simple setup really and giving plenty of opportunity to experiment with some portraits of Kate. For the next set of shots, this was done with some small fairy light LEDs in the background and me handholding another set of fairy lights and sometimes a prism or crystal in one hand whilst I had the camera in the other hand. This was done using natural ambient light in the room coming from a window. With a little bit of toning in Lightroom afterwards I was able to get a nice couple of photos.

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How was that photo lit?
January 27, 2018 by GordonM in lighting, portrait, Workshops 0 Comments

Rather than tell you how a photo was lit I’m going to give you some tips that I give photographers on my workshops so you can work it out for yourself, I’m a believer in the old philosophy Give a man a fish …. feed him for a day Teach a man how to fish … feed him for a lifetime 1. Look for highlights in the eyes … a. that will show you the direction and how high or low the light was in comparison to the model’s face. b. the number of highlights will tell you how many lights/reflectors were used from the front c. the shape of the highlight will usually tell you what type of light was used eg. square/rectangular – softbox, round – umbrella, octabox, bare reflector bowl or beauty dish 2. Which is the brighter side of the model … the light (or at least the brightest light) was coming from that direction 3. Where are the shadows …. eg. shadows on the left of the nose then light is coming from the right. eg. shadows under the nose, chin, boobs etc, then the light was coming from above. Shadows on the background or […]

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