Bootcamp – Studio Lighting




PRICE: £125 per photographer (£35 deposit req’d)

Model for the training day:  TBD

Maximum of 5 photographers


This workshop will suit photographers new to photographing models in the studio environment and is also ideal for those who previously have relied on someone else to set the lights up and now want to be able to do it themselves.

The basics of the workshop will cover:

* choosing your backdrops and lighting your set

* setting the lights/reflectors for various styles of photography eg. portraits, glamour, artistic, lifestyle

* setting the correct exposure, contrast and white balance using the light meter, histogram, expodisc or greycard

* using reflectors, snoots, barn doors, gels to create an effect

* using available light and/or a continuous light source

* working with models

* shooting and posing your model for different styles

There will be so many more things covered during the workshop, difficult to identify everything that potentially could be learnt.

Please email me for more details or to book your place.


Other options at another time

6 hours, one-to-one, £425

6 hours, one-to-one but bring your own model, £225


To pay £35 deposit, click the button please

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