Time to move forward
April 10, 2020 by GordonM in Blog, people, Portfolio 0 Comments

I’ve been unsettled for quite some time with my model photography. Trying to find a style that I like shooting has been difficult since it became sort of pointless a few years ago. “Pointless?” you might ask. Well up until the demise of using glamour photographs in the lads mags, tabloid newspapers and calendars, I was happy shooting model photography for the agencies, the magazines and for my own portfolio. The underlying purpose was to get paid for my photos and it did pay well. Combine that with the model agency trips abroad or across the UK, it was a great time to do photography. And there was a purpose to it. Additionally, some avenues that I’ve been able to sell my photos to were now becoming almost what felt like a closed shop as a number of photographers flooded the market with cheap work and in so doing, devalued the work of others and brought down significantly what the magazines were prepared to pay. Now I’m not averse to shooting nice, creative non-glamour photographs at all, but there is not so much of a marketplace for this type of work. And to find suitable models to do this was […]

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