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Shooting Amber Tutton with the X-E1
8 July 2013 by GordonM in Blog 0 Comments

When you’ve got great models to work with, the ideas start to flow both before the day and during.  Amber is one of those models where I definitely get “in the zone” and experiment to produce something that I think would benefit my portfolio.  The day was a little different to the norm though as I make the transition from DSLR to a mirrorless camera setup.  Here was my first model shoot with the Fuji X-E1 and it’s APS-C sensor. I have the Lumix GH3 camera, a micro 4/3rds sensor and fantastic camera for stills and particularly for video (which is why I got it in the first place).  Presently I have the Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens and the Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens, both great lenses and so compact in size.  My next logical purchase was to get the 12-35mm f2.8 Lumix, but priced at £899 needed careful consideration before taking the leap.    But here’s the rub that made me consider an alternative solution. I was finding the Lumix a little noisy for some of the natural light stills work that I do in the studio.  When I say noisy, I mean probably from about 800 ISO upwards and […]

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